TSS2016-Set Up-03

af·ter·glow ˈaftərˌɡlō/ noun noun: afterglow; plural noun: afterglows light or radiance remaining in the sky after the sun has set. good feelings remaining after a pleasurable or successful experience. “basking in the afterglow of victory” I returned home to London, from Chatham, Sunday night and my eyelids felt like a ton of bricks, but what a great weekend we had! Once again, Tecumseh alumni came together and made this reunion, my last one as an organizer, another one for the record books! Friday night… Read more »


By the time you read this I will have attended our annual family reunion in Leamington. When we first started doing this, a dozen or more years ago, I would attend one year, skip another, attend the next two and so on. Honestly, my head wasn’t in it and it convinced my heart to follow. Over the last several years I’ve started to understand the need to go. Our children are growing up, moving away from their home towns, having… Read more »

Totem Pole 2011

Being the only reunion committee member to reside in Chatham, I thought it would be fitting to bring all of the out-of-town travellers up to speed on our quaint city. Even with the population growing only slightly over the past 40 years, the landscape has still changed. Here’s my take on what to expect when you come “home”. The first stop is visiting the school. Tecumseh Secondary School saw its last graduating class in 1988. Now serving as an elementary school to 375… Read more »